In order to enable the navigation of users through the Website, CARIBE MUSIC, S.A. uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s com-puter, hard drive or device when they visit websites. CARIBBEAN MUSIC, S.A. uses cookies to enable the user more agile and effective management of their access, browsing and use of the Website.

CARIBE MUSIC, S.A. uses specifically two types of cookies on this website:

– Session cookies: those that are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser

– Persistent cookies: those that remain stored on the user’s terminal until a certain expiration date (they can be minutes, days or years in the future).
CARIBE MUSIC, S.A. informs you in detail about the cookies you use here below:

Cookie Name Duration Purpose
wordpress_test_cookie Session This cookie is used for the WordPress con-tent manager to check if the browser has activated cookies and therefore, if the user accepts cookies.
cookie_notice_accepted 15 days This cookie remembers if the warning message about cookies has been accepted, to stop showing it during the time it is active.
wordpress_test_cookie Session This cookie is used for the WordPress content manager to check if the browser has activated cookies.
_icl_current_language One day This cookie is used to remember the language that the User has selected and to show the User the Contents in that same language throughout their browsing.
wordpress_sec_ Session The UID located at the end of the cookie name contains the user ID stored in the WordPress database. It is used to store the look of the administration interface and can be used to store the look of the main site.
wp-saving-post One day
wp-settings-time-1 One year
wp-settings-1 One year
Google Analytics
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
_utma Two years These Google Analytics cookies generate an anony-mous user ID, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. It also records when was the first and last time the User visited the Website and the time of arrival there. It also calculates when a session has ended, the user’s origin, and keywords. To learn more about Analytics cookies and how to unsub-scribe, visit:

_utmb Session
_utmc Session
_utmz Session
Cookie name Duration Purpose
APISID Two years These are cookies implemented by Google on any page that includes a YouTube video. They are used to measure the number and behavior of YouTube users, including information linking visits to our Website with the User’s Google account if they have it active. The information about the use of the Website, including the IP address of the user, can be transmitted to Google and stored on its servers. Consult this page to learn more:
HSID Two years
LOGIN_INFO Two years
PREF Two years
SAPISID Two years
SID Two years
SSID Two years
YSC Session
demographics Two years
dkv One year
Cookie name Duration Purpose
abN Ten years Vimeo implements cookies on any page includ-ing one of its videos. They are used to meas-ure the number and behavior of users, and contain information about the current video display values, as well as a personal identifica-tion card if the user is connected to Vimeo. Consult this page to learn more:
abNE Ten years
ab_psb Ten years
embed_preferences One year
hd_preferences Ten years
pl_volume Ten years
scaling_preference Nine years
Site_settings Fifty years

Puede obtener más información sobre nuestras Cookies escribiéndonos a la dirección de correo electrónico,

You can obtain more information about our Cookies by writing to us at the following email address:
However, the User can always personalize the use of cookies, as well as prevent their collection by modifying their browser options. The operation is different in each browser, so here is where you can find information to customize the use of cookies depending on the browser you use: